What is Cal-DOCA?
The California Design Out Crime Association, Cal-DOCA, starting as the Law Enforcement Environmental
​Planning Association of California, dedicated to the improvement of the safety and quality of life through
​the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in local building, planning, and ​zoning
​processes in California communities.

In contrast to fire departments, law enforcement agencies rarely have had an opportunity to review plans
​for ​new development and recommend design changes to make the projects less vulnerable to crime.

Cal-DOCA (then LEEPAC) evolved from a 1989 meeting of Crime Prevention Officers who gathered to
​examine this problem and share ideas about a solution. First addressed was the proliferation of
​convenience stores and mini-marts and their inherent risks. LEEPAC developed a set of standards for these
​businesses ​covering such issues as minimum lighting, positioning of check-out stands, security of alcohol, and posting on the
​property against open alcohol containers. Many member agencies are now using these standards as conditions for approval for new convenience stores and mini-marts within their jurisdictions. LEEPAC has since developed a standards manual to address all types of land use. This collection of concepts and alternatives directly addresses many urban security problems. Developers, design ​professionals, and the public now have the ability to reduce criminal opportunity at the initial planning stages of a development.

Charter members of the Association include the Sacramento and El Dorado County Sheriff's Offices, and the Roseville, West Sacramento, Sacramento, Placerville and Vallejo Police Departments.​​


California Design Out Crime Association
formerly LEEPAC