Why join Cal-DOCA?
As a planning and urban design professional, law enforcement official, or other party in the planning and design review process, ask yourself this:
    •   Are you getting the most from your city and police planning processes?
    •   Is CPTED fully adopted and utilized to help reduce the likelihood of negative-impact land uses?
    •   Are you working to condition land uses so that they do not reduce the quality of life in your city, or negatively impact public safety?
    •   Are you aware that you can take existing land uses that are causing a negative impact on the community back before the Planning  
        ​Commission to amend operational conditions to lessen these impacts?
    •   Are you aware that you can accomplish all of this at no cost to your department by having the applicant/developer pay as they go
        ​through the planning process?

Through involvement in Cal-DOCA and integrating CPTED into the process, you can:
    •   Enhance the quality of life in your city, and make police staff hours available for proactive police work.
    •   Work with the public to prevent problems, as opposed to correcting problems retroactively.
    •   Get more positive “bang for the limited bucks” received by police and city services as annual funding.
    •   Encourage your Crime Prevention Bureau to participate through involvement in LEEPAC, by sharing problems, information and 
        ​experiences with the membership, and in formalized training programs. LEEPAC active membership also includes private consultants that
        ​can assist you with the process or specific problem areas.
California Design Out Crime Association
formerly LEEPAC